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Janeiro 2018

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Periculum 3: The Test of Time v1.0 MINICRAFT FREE NEW!!

Tibia :: BOT

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Periculum 3: The Test of Time v1.0 MINICRAFT FREE NEW!!

Mensagem  Fly3 em Seg Set 16, 2013 11:33 am

Periculum 3: The Test of Time v1.0 MINICRAFT FREE NEW!!

Map Info:
You had the misfortune to be a German citizen after the Great First World War ended. Your country's territory was divided amongst the allies, your army was struck down to a pitiful pulp, and your economy crashed. The year is 1930, and you are, or rather, were unemployed until you noticed an ad in your local paper...

The ad offered a position at a local labratory. No advanced education required. Anyone over the age of 23 accepted.

Eager to bring home another wheelbarrow of money for your heating, you applied and were accepted.

Welcome to Science.

Rules of the Lab:

1. Do not break these rules unless ABSOLUTELY NECCESARY.

2. Please do not taunt any equipment you are provided throughout the game. They could become enraged and betray you.

3. Play in peaceful mode during the start. Your difficulty will be changed for you when needed.

4. Remember, test yourself before you wreck yourself.

5. Do not break anything.

5,1. Do not open dispensers.

6. Have fun or else.

7. If you create a youtube video with this map, please link the download in the video description and credit me.

8. Play on 1.6.2 or higher.

DOWNLOAD: adf.ly/Vpzkm

1. Wait 5 second
2. Click SKIP AD
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